Palmela, a land of contrasts between the hills of the Arrábida and the estuary of the River Sado.

A mere 40 kms from Lisbon, Palmela presents us nature, heritage, gastronomy,  award winning wines, arts and crafts, golf and the beautiful beaches of the Arrábida, as well as quality accommodation.

Palmela has been inhabited since pre-historic times on account of its privileged and strategic location. The name Palmela appears to be  from the word “Balmala”, used by the Muslims that occupied the region in the 8th and 9th centuries.

Afonso Henriques,1th King of Portugal, conquered the castle and the region from the Moors and granted Palmela its first Charter in 1185.

The fact that the castle of Palmela was chosen to be the Seat of the Military Order of Santiago de Espada for five centuries is a mark of its identity.

Today Palmela Town centre is a peaceful place with its typical squares and monuments that turn Palmela into an encounter with history.

Since more than 150 years,  that we can find in Palmela the passion for the music and wine, bringing on , along with the history, geography and gastronomy, one of the most interesting places to visit in Portugal.


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